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About Us

We provide high-quality live streams that meet your requirements, no matter how simple or complex they may be. At Dave Streaming we take your vision and bring it to life, live! We have the ability to switch between multiple cameras and microphones, add any graphics, videos, or slideshows, and we do this all while live streaming to one or more sites. Our aim is to connect your brand, event, meeting, or show to your existing or new audience, anywhere in the world. We strive to achieve this in the most effective and engaging way while being conscious of your budget.

Why Live Streaming?

Live streaming allows you to connect instantly with your audience plus it allows real-time connection in a world that is moving more and more online. It can allow for both in-person and/or virtual attendance and participation for your event based on your desire. Live streaming enables a business meeting, conference, cultural event, wedding, awards ceremony, memorial service, or any meaningful occasion, to come ‘alive’ giving your audience or attendees the opportunity to be present, wherever they have connectivity.


Every platform has its own pros and cons, so it really depends on what you want from the stream. Here is a brief summary of the pros and cons of different platforms

Can stream at 1080p,
Can schedule far in advance.
Lenient starting time
Can keep video afterwards
Better monetization options
Can only stream to one page at a time.

Facebook live:
Can cross-post to many different pages to reach a wider audience.
Highest possible quality is 720p
Can only schedule streams within a week of going live.
If Facebook’s algorithms pick up any copyright info they shut the stream down immediately without any warning.
If you are trying to stream through your mobile device you need at least 1000 subscribers.
Maximum of 90 minute streams.

Instagram’s algorithms are great for boosting your page while live streaming.
You can’t schedule a live stream in advance.
Maximum of 50 minute streams.

Contact me for any additional information.

Prices will differ from job to job depending on the amount of equipment necessary and people working. Please contact me for a quote.

You need an upload speed of at least 15 megabytes for a stable stream with decent connectivity. If you have less than that it is possible to provide a third party internet connection at additional cost.

Yes. We anchor your logo anywhere on the screen.

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